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Evaluation by Matan Yaffe CEO & Founder of Desert Stars Center

Dear Shai, I am very pleased to send you this letter expressing our gratitude for all Beit Morasha has done for Desert Stars in general, and particularly for transforming “Turning Point” into such a meaningful component of our Leadership Incubator. Together we are preparing talented young Bedouin for leadership roles, higher education, and quality employment. From the beginning of our program including the recently opened sixth cohort, some 120 graduates have undergone training in the Desert Stars incubator. Virtually all of the graduates pointed to “Turning Point” as the most meaningful program. They noted how it equipped them with practical tools and a values-driven vision and leadership approach. In light of this success and the impact it has on our students, I am grateful that you will continue our collaboration to expand the program to include an additional cohort, and also to open a parallel program for women – truly a unique and pioneering effort. I was therefore not surprised, and in fact very pleased, when representatives of our alumni network approached me to open a continuation program for “Turning Point”, which we are calling “Microscope”, which will be headed by you and Dr. Muhammad El-Nabari. This new program will create a “task force” of graduates with the expertise and training to lead significant social change in the Bedouin community. Together with your facilitators, we are transforming theory, study and training into action. We are enabling young Bedouins to become Negev leaders Desert Stars and Beit Morasha are sharing a mission to empower the young Bedouin leaders of the future. I would add that this is important not only for the future of their Bedouin communities but also for the future of Israel’s civil society that must have a positive and constructive relationship with the Bedouin community. As we prepare for the upcoming year, it is important for both Desert Stars and Beit Morasha to collaborate in securing the resources that will make possible our program expansion With sincere thanks, Matan Yaffe CEO & Founder

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Evaluation by Lt. Col. Abdallah Fares, Outgoing Commander of Battalion 17, the Combat NCO Training Academy

My work with Beit Morasha was both efficient and pertinent, for the following reasons:

  1. Beit Morasha’s skilled and experienced team enriched my own knowledge and experience.

  2. Understanding their role in relation to the role of the course platoon commanders, assisted the platoon commanders to function effectively vis-à-vis their units.

  3. Their significant, high-quality guidance from the early stages of the program enabled the course commanders to prepare themselves in an optimal fashion.

  4. [The Beit Morasha facilitators] were available at all times and attentive to the issues and needs raised by the course commanders. 

  5. The “learning circle” modality used between each trek (of the course protocol), improved performance from one trek to the next, as did the actual educational activities during each trek. Both contributed significantly to the overall effectiveness of the course.

  6. [The Beit Morasha facilitators’] dynamic presence created a meaningful experience for the cadets – [the facilitators] integrated easily into the platoon’s activities.

  7. Beit Morasha facilitators are open and flexible in receiving criticism and making the changes accordingly.
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