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About Beit Morasha

Beit Morasha is an educational center that develops and operates leadership programs—based on values, ethics, and Jewish identity—in Israel and across the Jewish world. These programs are inspired by the spiritual and moral treasures of Israeli culture and heritage and by the best achievements in world culture. Led by Prof. Benjamin Ish-Shalom, Beit Morasha began its activity in 1989. Today, there are approximately 900 program graduates integrated into key positions in Israeli society. Since 2000, Beit Morasha also developed and operated leadership programs in civil society and the security forces. Over 250,000 IDF commanders of all ranks have taken part in these programs. Collaborating with the IDF’s Education Corps, Beit Morasha spearheaded the formulation of the “Identity and Purpose” document, which has evolved into the educational guideline for IDF commanders that is in use to this day.

With its extensive experience in developing diverse task forces through transformational processes, Beit Morasha created the “values-based decision-making model” to cultivate a moral compass for leaders. This model enables leaders to identify personal, organizational, and national key values, to recognize their potential impact in guiding value-driven educational processes in the group they lead, and to incorporate the values dimension as a significant component of both the decision-making process and the resulting actions. Using this model, leaders have learned to drive values into action!