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Chair, American Friends of Beit Morasha

I believe that the purpose of the Jewish religion is to raise our moral consciousness, to cause us to make our every-day decisions, both large and small, taking into account our religious values. This is how we repair the world and this is what Beit Morasha teaches.”


Rabbi Fred Schwalb, a native New Yorker, graduated from the University of Wisconsin with honors in history and a second major in Semitic languages.  

Fred began his business career at Burlington Industries, where he ultimately served as Director of International Sales of Burlington Carpet Group/Export.  In the 1980’s he developed an unusual reputation as probably the only Jewish salesman selling rugs to Arab countries.  

At the age of 51, Fred dramatically altered his career path when he enrolled in the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, and was ordained at the age of 56.  Fred served as rabbi of the Hebrew Congregation of Somers for 15 years.   

Fred’s personal involvement with Israel began 50 years ago as a 14 year old who participated in a camping program for Israeli and Jewish youngsters from the Diaspora.  His visits to Israel continued, and as an active Zionist became president of the Student Zionist Organization at the University of Wisconsin. As current Chair of the American Friends of Beit Morasha he continues to follow his passion – values-based leadership training through Beit Morasha’s programs in ethics and values.  

Fred and his wife, Joanne, have five children – four adult sons and their daughter Zhenya, whom they adopted in the Autonomous Jewish Republic of Birobidjian, Siberia at the age of 14, one month before Vladimir Putin ended Russian adoptions. Fred and Joanne live in Croton on Hudson in New York State, and split their time at their home in Herzliah Pituach, Israel.

Freda Rosenfeld

President, American Friends of Beit Morasha

I am a native Brooklynite, but my heart is in Israel. I love being involved with Beit Morasha because I know that we are training the next generation of Israelis as to the importance of ethics and nationhood.”


Freda Rosenfeld is a leading lactation consultant in New York who for over 30 years has worked with thousands of mothers and their babies helping them enter our world the best way possible. 

Freda is active in Jewish, health, and environmental causes. She is a pioneer of the Jewish women’s prayer movement. In Israel, she initiated “JiVE!” – a project to improve the cleanliness of Jerusalem. 

Freda splits her time between Brooklyn, New York and Jerusalem. She is a proud mother of three and grandmother of two grandchildren.

Howard (Hillel) Wallick

There are many think tanks and Jewish educational institutions in Israel, but Beit Morasha is…the one that is showing Israel’s future leaders how to infuse Judaism, and Jewish and general ethics, into their lives and into the work they do as leaders.”


Howard (Hillel) Wallick is a co-owner of Wallick Communities, a Columbus, Ohio affordable housing and assisted living firm. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in real estate development, both from Columbia University. He is a board member of Merrick Bank in Salt Lake City.

Howard is currently president of Queens College Hillel and has leadership positions at JNF, Young Israel of Flatbush, and MATI Jerusalem. 

He is an amateur cantor and a baritone soloist in Shir Chadash: The Brooklyn Jewish Community Chorus. 

He is a proud father of three children and happy grandfather of two grandsons.